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High Quality Business Cards and How to Maximize Use
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Ways to Maximize the Use of Your High Quality Business Cards

Business cards are among the most cost-effective promotional materials that can effectively expand your business and improve your sales. They are also considerably cheaper than all other promotional tools like advertising on television or newspaper. Because of their benefits, they are now a sought after commodity in the world of business promotion and networking!

If you already have business cards, donít just keep them under your table and wait for them to rot! That would definitely defeat the very purpose of having them. Business cards are like mini-billboards, you have to have people see them in order to market your business. So, get them into the hands of your prospect clients and make them work and earn money for you. Here are some ways to maximize the benefits of your quality business cards.

Always have them ready. Put some in your pocket, wallet, briefcase, purse and car; some on top of your desk, table and cubicle; and some at the reception area of your office. You have to have them handy so that whenever you meet a prospect, you can readily give your business card. You should remember that the best time to hand your business card to your prospective client is during the conclusive part of your discussion or conversation. Of course, you have to build good rapport with your prospect so they can easily remember you.

 Responsibly place them on bulletin boards of public places. Placing your business card in public places like the local restaurants, libraries, schools, supermarkets, concert halls and museums will promote and make a better reputation for your business. Remember to courteously ask permission from the owners of those places so that they wonít throw your business card away.

Include, attach or insert them in all of your mails. Realtors often attract more home sales by just including a business card in their mails. There is no reason why it wonít work for you as well. You never know who may receive the letters you send Ė who knows, a person as ordinary as a mailman or as high ranking as a CEO of a reputable company might just get interested in checking out your business! So the next time you send a package, note and thank you card (and even when paying your bills), be sure to include your business card.

Make your business card unique and highly usable. Make the cards dual purpose Ė you can put all your business information in the front (business name, address, contact information, services offered, etc.) and have something more unique on the back portion. You can make a calendar, a measurement equivalence table or a mini compilation of quotes. If your business is related to sports, put a photo of a sports icon or a schedule of a particular basketball team; this will encourage fans to keep your business card. In seminars, use the back to list key lecturers and their contact information. You can also print a special discount offer or coupon on the back so that interested parties can return the card with their orders. The bottom line is to keep your business card unique and highly usable so that itís impossible for people to throw away.

Encourage many people to distribute the cards throughout their day. If you own a company or have a lot of people who are working under you, order a personalized business card for each of them! Have their names printed on the card alongside all the information of your company / business. Those who usually donít have a business card, they will be proud to hand the cards out; especially when their own names are reflected on it. Since they are part of your network, you might as well use them to promote your company. Moreover, see to it that your company workers have enough cards to distribute so that they can give two to every prospective client: one for the client-to-be and one for them to hand the card to another person.

Keep your cards current and super stylish. Just as it is important for you to build good rapport with your prospective clients, it is also important that your business card creates a good and respectable impression. In this context, good impression is made by the quality and style of the card (lay-out, color, size, etc.). If you plan on printing new cards, you have to make sure that it is current with new colr and design trends and made of the utmost quality. Trendy business cards are available online. Among the best websites to go to is who has a wide array of eye-catching business cards that make for a good first impression.



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