Business Cards that Work
for realtors, real estate agents,
house-flippers, and home sales



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Real Estate Sales Business Cards

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Business Cards that Work
for realtors, real estate agents, house-flippers, and home sales

Do you help folks buy the home of their dreams? Or maybe you people them sell their homes and property, getting them the best deal ever. Perhaps your specialty is flipping houses or other types of property investment. Whatever the case may be, when you deal daily with people on such a personal subject as the right house, your image is everything. Every real estate agent simply must have his or her very own business cards!

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real estate agent business cards      Real estate agency business cards
What’s your forte’?
  • Selling real estate (real estate agent)
  • Buying real estate (real estate agency)
  • Flipping houses
  • Estate sales
  • Real estate listings
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate auctions

If you’re involved in the sale of homes and properties, don’t pass up the opportunity to show your style and savvy with our full color, professionally designed business cards.



Realty home sales business cards

Residential real estate business cards

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Whether you work for one of the big time companies like Coldwell-Banker and Remax, or whether you are a more independent agent with your own venues, you really need a business card to call your own.

Can you think of a profession that would require a great business card MORE than real estate? Yours is a career that requires you to deal with huge sums of money and that your clients put their complete and total faith in you. The last thing you need is a sub-par business card as your representative. We can help you get the image you NEED to SUCCEED in the fast paced world of selling or buying real estate.

Wherever you go, you’re likely to meet someone who’s in the market to buy a house. Don’t just wait for your clients to come to you, make clients as you go. Always have them in your portfolio. The realtor you work for may give out generic cards to all their home sales staff, but you can stand out from the crowd with your own designer cards.

Next time you’re having an open house, leave the cards in a conspicuous spot in the entry. When you’re not showing the house, leave some of your real estate business cards on or near the outside door- when a house is vacant with a for sale sign, people tend to walk up to the house. Your card can tell them who to call.

Be sure to give cards to everyone you sell real estate to- they may have occasion to sell it later, and they already know you have the skills to do it.

If you’ve flipped a house, be sure and place a rack on the front door with plenty of your cards in it. Then curious potential customers will know who turned the neighborhood shack into a dream home.



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