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If your job is to make sure your customers have great looking nails, you give manicures, pedicures, or offer other nail care, we have just the business cards for you and your employees.

What is your specialty?
  • Cuticle care and callus treatment
  • Silk wrap
  • Polishing and French Tips
  • Hot oil manicure and pedicure
  • Acrylic fills and gel overlays
  • Nail Art – gems, rhinestones, and painted designs
  • Paraffin dip

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Red nail polish manicure nail salon business cards      Nail file nail salon and spa business cards
Your image can make or break your nail salon. That’s why your manicurist business cards must be aesthetically pleasing, colorful, and memorable. When your nail clients see your beautiful business cards, they’ll never throw them away.

It’s a great idea to give out your business cards along with inexpensive free gifts- such as mini bottles of nail polish, colorful fingernail files, and foam separators. For your more high-end salons, gift baskets of mini hand lotion, fingernail polish, candy, etc can be topped off with a couple of your business cards. When you give out those coupons for a free pedicure with manicure, be sure you hand over a business card at the same time.

nail polish and salon business cards

French manicure nail salon business cards

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Leave your nail salon business cards in places where lots of women frequent- such as lady’s health clubs and spas, day care centers, and hair salons. Get into a spirit of cooperation with these other types of businesses- you can all work together to get more clients by promoting each other.

Be sure that every client walks out of your salon with at least 2 of your nail care business cards. Why? Because women love to go and get their nails and hair done together. Ladies also enjoy talking about their experiences in the nail salon. When they are chit-chatting about such things they will have on hand the contact information of their favorite manicurist- you!




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